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It’s after a short but intense show that I met Maja Shining from Forever Still behind the merchandising booth to quickly ask her some questions in order to know her better.

Version Française ?

  • What is the first Metal song you ever listened to?

I’m not sure if I remember… Not really Metal but the first single that actually caught my ears was a bit heavy music, it’s when Linkin Park was playing on the radio when I was eleven. I was like « This is better than the rest ! », so I remember that. In The End, I think.

  • Why do you play Metal music?

For me it just came very naturally, when I started writing music, this is what came out. I listen to so much different music but with the partner I work, Mikkel, who play live bass, when we got together this is what came out. It’s just… I follow naturally.

  • What is the most insane dedication you received from a fan?

I’m not sure if I remember… but the other day around, I did have a guy that wanted to buy my used socks. That’s the weirder one for now. That’s really weird ! (laugh) And a bit disgusting too !

Maja - Forever Still

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