ITC Review : Abscendent – Decaying Human Condition

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What about Italian Death Metal ? Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hideous Divinity ? Of course. Abscendent too. You don’t know them ?

A mix between Thrahs and, most of their sound, Death Metal. What if you blend pure Death Metal with Thrash roots ? An awesome sound, isn’t it ? Of course Abscendent have a solid rythm part to follow an evil voice that smash us to the ground.
Created in 2011 by Marcello Del Monte (drums) and Gabriele « Arch » Vellucci (guitars and voice), Luca Riccardelli (bass) join the band in 2013. Together, their goal is to explain how to shake the earth under our feets with their first full-length Decaying Human Condition (released on March 4th, 2016). Don’t be so fucking shy, come on…

Abscendent - Decaying Human Condition

The record starts with Penance. After some wind, Arch starts to scream to announce one of the heaviest rythm part ever. We can easily hear all their influences, and the bass is clearly audible. That’s a good point for a band with their will. Solipsia promptly starts to calm a bit the riff’s tempo. This track highlights a bit more bass’s groovy sound under powerful drum smashes. The band puts anger in the break to hasten the next riff, which is followed by a very long solo which sounds like it comes from space. Their next track, Compelled, is shorter, but stays in a heavy pattern and this fact is highly strengthened by Arch‘s voice. Let’s have a look on Doppleganger now. The longest track of the record, and the one with an awesome Thrash Metal riff on the beginning (it’s important to say it, because I usually don’t really like Thrash Metal). All their energy seems to be transplanted in this devastating riff. The song suddenly halts a bit, then goes back to its normal tempo. After the middle of the song, there’s another break that highlights drums. This part is the most awesome one in my opinion. Have you ever head an atmospheric bass solo like this one while the guitar still plays the awesome break riff ? Now yes. This song break every rule and it’s why it’s the best one for me.
Is it possible to do better than the previous track ? Clearly not. But Nausea is here to prove us that even if their masterpiece is on this record, the other tracks are still very good. The same energy, the same rage, another devastating riffs, and the same power in Arch‘s voice.

Purists will say that Death Metal and Thrash Metal don’t need to blend. Maybe they’re right, but I still think that some bi-rooted bands are freaking awesome. Fans of Obituary, Exodus, Annihilator, Deicide and Morbid Angel, there is your new goal in life !


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