ITC Review : Acheronte – Ancient Furies

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Created under a full moon (or with beers) by Luigi Biondi (guiatr, aka Phobos) and Mario Sgattoni (vocals, aka Lord Baal), Acheronte is an Italian Black Metal band.

They gathered Adamo Tirabassi (bass, aka A.T. La Morte) and Bestia (drums) to create their first full-length, Ancient Furies. They previously had other musicians, with whom they released a demo, an EP and two splits (with Khephra, Black Faith, Noctifer, Hate Them All and Arma Christi). They also joined the compilation Black Tears of Death – Vol. VIII.  Every song on this record is dedicated to an ancient emperor.

Acheronte - Ancient Furies

This album starts with Addicted to War (Assurnasirpal II), and the introduction riff is fucking awesome. After a little accoustic break, the band joins again to create this unholy track to lead us in their dark universe. Destroyer for the Glory (Alexander the Great) starts with a sampler, then switches to pure black metal rythmic. Lord Baal‘s voice seems to come from the underworld, and is really powerful. Ancient Persecutor of Christianity (Diocletian) reaches a high level in violence, and features a passage with only bass riff. Flagellum Dei (Atilla)’s beginning is really slow and only composed of drums, then each instrument comes turn to turn. Very few voice, this track is probably the most atmospheric one. The Lame One (Timur Barlas) joins free violence again, and the vocals are higher than ever. The rythm part isn’t left out, with the fastest powerful riff. It’s now time for The Lord Impaler (Vlad III), that follows exactly the same pattern, but with a bit more aggressivity in the voice. The last one, Bloods for the Gods (Ahuitzotl), has the best introduction I have heard since a while… This track is really sick. It’s worth the wait.

Maybe you’re into some old Black Metal stuff ? Mayhem, Dark Funeral, Darkthrone ? So you guys have to hear Acheronte, and you won’t be disappointed !

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