ITC Review : Burial – Unholy Sedition

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After eleven years of pure blasphemy, Burial comes back with Unholy Sedition, their second full-length.

It is the first record they release with a label (UKEM Records from United Kingdom). The british band, created in 2005 by Derek Carley (vocals and bass), Richard Barraclough (guitar), Dave Buchan (drums) and Rick (guitar) who left the band.  They play a solid Black/Death Metal music through their compositions.

Burial - Unholy Sedition

Infernal Spirit, the first track, starts with a guitar noise that quickly intensifies to offer us an awesome riff, with a powerful voice. Malevolent Possession focuses on fast riffs and brutality too, while Satanic Immolation starts with a nearly atmospheric part that reminds us the old black metal stuff. Coven of Death, one of the shortest songs of this record, do not waste time with introduction. The riffs are fasts and really good. Nothing Awaits will severly slow down the tempo, but there’s still the band’s atmosphere of fear and death. Defile The Sacrament also starts with a guitar noise (but really longer than Infernal Spirit‘s one) then chains with an evil first riff that leads us right in the entrance hall of an old carpathian castle. Cast To The Flames is more direct : fasts riffs, blast beat and powerful voice. Beyond Redemption is from the same mold, but a bit more into Black Metal. Devoured By The Earth looks more like an old school Death Metal song with a Black Metal lead guitar. The sensitive Nun Fucking Black Metal is the last track, and is the « grind/punk » song (only 1min12sec) that closes the record.

Is anyone into Belphegor ? Marduk ? Deicide ? Okay, so you guys definitely need Burial in your CD rack.


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