ITC Review : Comatose – The Ultimate Revenge

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Let’s play a game : if I tell you Philippines, you would probably answer « little island somwhere in Asia », right ? My answer is Death Metal.

Comatose was born in 2003 to defend Death Meta and The Ultimate Revenge is their first full length (after 3 demo, 1 official Bootleg and 1 compilation). Unfortunately (lack of funds ? lack of good recorders ? I don’t know) the first impression is terrible : the sound is really bad. Just like they recorded their album with moss on the amps.

Comatose - The Ultimate Revenge

Whatever, let’s keep our ears open. Thunder, rain (or just noise ?), weeps in the intro… Good, I like when it’s as creepy as Z movies. The whole album wouldn’t sound so bad, there’s just a permanent noise that don’t allow us to really enjoy them. I can almost hear that the guys really know their instruments, there’s some good solos (Army of the Darkness, Carnage in the Promise Land), some really catchy riffs (Plague Bearer, Hypochristianity, The Ultimate Revenge) but everything is under this veil of noise. I would be lying if I said that it’s not 31 minutes of linear Death Metal. Just because of crappy recording.

Let’s hope Comatose can release something listenable next time, it seems that the band is good by the way.


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