ITC Review : Corprophemia – Abhorrogenesis

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After a seven year hiatus, Canada reconnected with Corprophemia.

They were born on 2006 playing Death Metal, release an EP and a full-length a year after, then broke up in 2008. In 2015, they decided to meet again and trend their style to Slam/Brutal Death. Abhorrogenesis is the name of this hyperactive child. During half a hour, the canadians will provide us brutality through blasts, bloody riffs and screams.

Coprophemia - Abhorrogenesis

The Descent starts with a little introduction as a prelude to the future slaughter. The end of the song is identical to the introduction, as if this keyboard part was here during the whole song. Matt Kelly, their new singer, is really good. His voice fits perfectly to the band’s blood-stained universe. Keyboard notes remains for every song, we can hear them during a few second at the end, until the ninth song, An Ode To Kingdoms Cold. Except An Offering To The Ancient Ones, which is an atmospheric break to cut the record in two violent parts. Interesting for the band’s universe (and your neck too) by the way. I AM FREE will close this record, and there’s a strange lead part in the middle of the song.

With Mat Lemmon (the new guitar player), John Bellon (drums), Franky D’Alimonte (guitar) and Matt Kelly (voice) did a very nice job. They resurrected a band ang give him new powerful material. For fans of brutal/slam death/grindcore.

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