ITC Review : Countless Skies – New Dawn

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Named after one of Be’lakor‘s songs, Countless Skies were previously named Hatespire, but they changed in 2012 after three years of music.

Composed of Phil Romero (bass and back vocals), Nathan Robshaw (drums), James Pratt (guitar and back vocals) and Ross King (guitar and main vocals), they’re evolving in the Melodic Death Metal universe since 2009. A wonderful mix between violence and atmospheric tones, that’s how I can describe their work. Ladies and gentleman, please come with me for this journey !

Countless Skies - New Dawn

Their introduction Aubade is the perfect soundtrack to watch a sunset on the beach, far from cities. Deep atmospheric tones, powerful rythmic… Everything is here. Heroes starts with keyboard notes, then unleashs instrumental fury with an awesome lead guitar. Ross King‘s voice is perfect for this universe. Deep growls, but not with violence, he sounds like the narrator of a long journey through life. Incendium is a bit faster, and its riff is a bit more powerful, but Solace is here to calm down the tempo. A clean introduction, and another sweet lead guitar tone to make us dream with them. On Daybreak, powerful riffs are back and there’s a lot of clean vocals to contrast with this violence. Etheral has also clean vocals, but is way more atmospheric. The surprising Wanderer can blend atmospheric tones and heavy riffs to create an awesome mix between their two universes. The last one (and also the longest one) is the beautiful Return. This track is the band’s masterpiece. During ten minutes, the band explores every atmospheric part of their universe. They include heavy riffs to break the calm they created before.

If you guys are into Insomnium, Be’lakor, Ghost Brigade or every melodic/atmospheric stuff, you definitely need Countless Skies in your life.


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