ITC Review : Gorgosaur – Lurking Among Corpses

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Sweden isn’t the first country that comes in mind when someone say « dinosaur », but Gorgosaur are from Sweden.

Started in 2013 as a two-pieces Death Metal band (Åsa Hagström on guitars, bass, keyboard and vocals, Martin Schönherr on drums and vocals too), they release their first digital demo in 2014. Their first full-length was released last april, under the name of Lurking Among Corpses. The sound is better, tracks are perfectly under control, the guys really know how to make us shiver into their dark universe. I will be your guide for this journey.

Gorgausaur - Lurking Among Corpses

Let’s start with Åsa Hagström on keyboards for Basement Funeral Hymn. This introduction song is far away from Death Metal, but allows us to let the darkness sink into our mind. Terror Incarnate‘s riff is extremely catchy, and both voices perfectly fits to this track. The first voice is a Death Growl, and the second voice is sharp. In Darkness They Come Crawling sounds like the very firsts Death Metal releases from the nineties, while Body Snatcher highlights some Thrash influences on the verses. On Pyromaniac Narrations, there is a sampler on the beginning, to quickly change on a pure Death Metal track with a violent rythm part. Lurking Among Corpses will increase the tempo speed, to become the best track on this record. Gashes and Demise‘s mix of voices makes this song really interesting, and The Antropophagus will slow down the tempo. Near from Doom Death, it’s another catchy song. Burial of Rats continues on heavy and greasy riffs, but with Martin‘s fast kicks. The last song is once again Åsa‘s keyboard skills to let darkness release our mind. The track finishes on an echo effect, which is in my opinion, awesome for an ending.

Old School Death Metal fans, what are you waiting for ? For fans of Morbid Angel, Possessed, Grave, Immolation and Deicide.

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