ITC Review : Hellsodomy – Chaostorm

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Somewhere in Turkey in 2011, four metalheads unite their forces to create a band based on desecration, blasphemy and anti-religious stuff : Hellsodomy.

After a first demo, Eren Steyr-Aug (drums), TurboRodrigo (guitars) and Nekro Kasil (guitars and vocals) have to split up with their bass player Malik Çaml?ca because he moves to Copenhagen. Necrolepsy quickly joins the band as their new bass player and back vocalist, and the band releases their EP Sodomy is Nigh few months later. Their very first full-length is aviable since the sixth day of the sixth month of 2016 and is called Chaostorm. Of course their name is quite funny, but for sure they know what they’re doing. When they meet on stage or in the rehearsal room, they play a powerful Death Metal sound that nails us to the ground. If you feel ready enough to open the pit, follow me !

Hellsodomy - Chaostorm

Sinister Force is the song they choosed to begin the album. Chaotic riffs, heavy and bold sound, the band signed here a very good start. Both voices perfectly melt together to create their universe. Drop Dead Ritual starts right after to confirm that they’re not joking at all. Fast riffs, powerful blast, hellish voice and a solo that seems to be just out of a grave. Keepers And Sinners Of The Grave is longer and focuses on epic Death Metal riffs to break our neck, while Total Disgust highlights fast riffs under a powerful voice to make us shiver. Antiscene 666 don’t allow any rest with those old school riffs. Mazochistic Molestation follows the same pattern, but is a bit faster than the previous one, but there is more double voice on the chorus. Maybe your neck needs to be a bit quiet ? It’s impossible with Menstruation Blood On The Pentagram. This song’s riffs are the best of the record in my opinion. Maybe a bit of Thrash Metal influences, but really good. The last one, Coven Of Abomination starts with a calm introduction that turns to war a minute after. This catchy song gathers every Hellsodomy elements to be resumed as a blast beat fury with freaking riffs.

Maybe there is some Belphegor, Loudblast, Suffocation or Avulsed fans ? You won’t be disappointed guys.


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