ITC Review : Immensity – The Isolation Splendour

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In Greece, there’s tons of Metal bands (about 1779, according to Metal Archives), but we mostly only know Septicflesh, Firewind and Rotting Christ. Immensity is one of them.

Created in 2009, they take their time to get a solid line-up to record their first demo (2012). After some changes, they finally gave birth to The Isolation Splendour in 2016. They play an outstanding mix between Doom and Death Metal, in the vein of My Dying Bride. Limited to 500 copies only, their record is available BadMoodMan Music and Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Immensity - The Isolation Splendour

On this record, we can hear 5 new songs and the first EP as bonus tracks. The first track, Heartfelt Like Dying, let us sink slowly in the band’s universe. Mixing atmospheric parts with keyboard/clean voice with screaming voice and Death Metal melody. Immensity’s lyrics are mainly about reality of life and sorrow through solid metaphors. Irradiance (For The Unlight) is a bit more catchy at the beginning, but slows down as we listen to the song. The Isolation Splendour is purely the saddest and the heaviest track of the record, while The Sullen is faster and powerful. Everlasting Punishment bets on the ambiant material to take us away from our seats. Eradicate (The Pain of Remembrance) was construct in the same way as The Isolation Splendour, whereas Adornment sounds more like Everlasting Punishment.

Once again, here is a proof that Greece got some jewels when we talk about Metal. Obviously it’s a very specific style, but when passion meets instruments, everything is possible.


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