ITC Review : Karnak Seti – The Distance That Made Us Cold

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Some bands need time to really drill the Metal scene. One of those bands is Karnak Seti, a portuguese independant Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band.

They started in 2001 but only release their first demo in 2003 and they waited for six other years to release their very first full-length. Eight years of wait. Now they’ve got four demos and three albums in their bag, but it’s on The Distance That Made Us Cold, the last one released on June 30th, 2016 that we will focus. The only original members left are Claudio Aguiar (bass) and Renato Ramos (guitar). They enlisted Antonio Jesus (guitar) in 2003, Luis Erre (vocals) in 2009 and Luis Freitas (drums) on 2015 after the departure of their longtime drummer Luis Barreto (from 2007 to 2015), but Luis Freitas didn’t record the drums, it’s Xinês (Awaiting the Vultures, Legion, ex-Switchtense) who did the job. No more words, just push the button play.

Karnak Seti - The Distance That Made Us Cold

The Bliss of Living is one of the best beginning track ever. Powerful riff, wonderful drum track, awesome voice and really good sound. A pure Melodic Death Metal masterpiece ! The second one, Bounded By Misfortune highlights their thrash roots, as well as Emptiness Reborn, but with heavier sound. Really heavier. Desolation of Soul and Flesh slows down the tempo to offer the purest destruction of the « heavy-riff-meter ». This track is insane. Quit is the track we’re waiting to a show. The moshing one, with the perfect riff to break necks and smash people. Melancholic Devotion starts as another moshing song, but finally sounds like at atmospheric one. Obviously powerful, but really peaceful. The title track, The Distance That Made Us Cold, reconnects with fast tempo and harmonies to destroy our necks again. On the chorus, the lead guitar is mesmerizing to erase the impression of time. A New Time To Heal‘s intorduction riff is blends everything : heaviness, melody and power. The voice only expands this feeling. Blurred in the Distance sounds like one of the best melodic track I’ve heard since a while. It digs deeper in Melodic Death Metal’s roots than many bands, while Stolen highlights the atmospheric modern sound. The last track, Reload the System starts with a bass/drums duo after some dude’s scream, to lead us into a mix of what the band can do. There’s heavy sound, they didn’t forget harmonies, powerful vocals and Thrash roots. On the chorus, there’s some choirs and highlighted bass’ groove. It’s already the end of those fifty-five minutes of new material. Really impressive.

You’re nostalgic of In Flames‘ old sound ? Maybe Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork or Gojira fan ? What are you waiting for, my friend ? Just check them out !


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