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From the ashes of Crematorium (Death Metal from Chicago), Morgue Supplier was born in 1999 (previously known as Jugular Appetizer from 1997 to 1999).

Even if Paul Gilis (voice) is the only original member, Eric Bauer (drums and guitars through the years) is in the band since 2002, and Steve Reichlet (bass) join them in 2008), the spirit is still alive : Death Metal at its finest with some Grindcore influences. Morgue Supplier released their second album, the self-titled Morgue Supplier via Obscure Musick in February 19th, 2016. Darker than the previous one, this opus is here to confirm that we can count on Morgue Supplier to bring plague and disease to our children ears.

Morgue Supplier - Morgue Supplier

Heathen (The Throes of Poison) starts fast and it seems like the voice is drown under the instruments. But this idea is quickly set aside, every part of the song is clear. Cultic Rape highlights their grindcore influences in the core of the song’s musical building, but Moral Vacuity refocuses on pure Death Metal, as well as Bringer of the End (Executioner). Mental Slum is darker than the previous tracks, End Of Self starts with only the bass tone to follow it. Graveyard Filler sounds like one the heaviest track, and Rotting In An Alley is the slower which perfectly fits to the band. Massive Murder will reconcile with free violence fans, and Dead Room is an Old School Death Metal track like the ones we discovered twenty years ago. Maybe Equipped To Obliterate could confuse some minds, but it’s truly a good song. A bit disturbing, but quite good. Destroying a Human is really heavy, but don’t even lasts two minutes, as the slow Restraints. In my opinion, this track deserve more than two minutes and twelve seconds. We can hear some Doom Death influences, and the band is perfect while doing this. Tha last one is called Broken Gods and its only goal is to broke our necks too. No rest for the headbanger !

Obituary and Dying Fetus fans will be the happiest fans ever.


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