ITC Review : Nidhoggr – Ragnarok

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Sweden is definitely one of the most Metal places in the world. Back in the Swedish Middle Age, Nidhöggr is the dragon who gnaws the roots of Yggdrasil and who chew the corpses of the inhabitants of  Náströnd.

What a better way to name a Black Metal band ? Obviously based on the Norse Mythology, Hveðrungr (guitars) started Nidhöggr in 2013. He was join by Nox (vocals) and Vánagandr (drums) in 2014 then by Hrungnir in 2015. They released their first demo, Turn To Ash in 2015 and Ragnarök on March 25th, 2016. Notice that their friend Lasse « Hellsing » Hietala recorded Nox‘s vocals sessions. Grab a shield and join us on the road to Valhalla.

Nidhoggr - Ragnarok

Angrboða, the first track, don’t allow us any reflexion : the song throw us in the universe by will or force. Malice Striker focuses more on the ambiant riffs that the band can shred, while The Raid of Lindisfarne sounds like a battle soundtrack, with some samplers on the introduction. Hear the faithless scream under Nidhöggr‘s music ! Turn To Ash rythm part is really catchy, and Cold will remind the early Norwegian Black Metal releases. The Wolves starts with a sampler and a drum introduction, but quickly switchs to a slow track that highlights lead guitar parts. A really good track in my opinion. Ragnarok starts with fear screams under a thunderous sky to be the more depressive track of the record. The Nine continues on slow tempo with an awesome lead guitar part, to quickly (only two minutes and fifteen seconds) lead us to the end of the full-length.  Sacrificial Bloodshed has the daunting task to close this record. This track isn’t really different from the whole album. Sometimes slow, sometimes faster, the voices perfectly fits to the universe and the lead guitar gives to the track a particular ambiant. Another very nice song.

Fans of Mayhem, Marduk and Dark Funeral, you can listen to it without fear.

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