ITC Review : Phalloplasty – Necrophagic Funeral Ritual Redux

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Zack Shaw is only 16 when he starts to do serious stuff with music.  Phalloplasty is his first project, and he deals with brutal death/slam death.

For the trivia, he is left handed but he plays as a right handed. Zack is a multi-instrumentalist, he do every stuff for Phalloplasty, and also for Ectomyectomy, his Brutal Death project. Blast Beat at its finest, sick breaks, guttural vocals… What did you expect on Necrophagic Funeral Ritual Redux ? Brutal dude on its way, from Las Vegas.

Phalloplasty - Necrophagic Funeral Ritual Redux

The record starts with Butchered from Sustenance. Very nice way to start a full-length, this track has incomprehensible lyrics but that sounds really nice to my ears. A mix between inhale and exhale vocal performance. The Sick Room abuses of strange drums track, while Cannabis Introduces Cannibalism (nice word play between Cannibal/Cannabis Corpse, dude) mainly uses drums breaks to highlight guitar riffs. Liquefaction Necrosis slows a bit tempo but is still heavy as fuck, whereas The Sadist Manifesto starts really slowly. Like an atmospheric part, this track is one of this records’ most brutal track. Bound and Bludgeoned is the shortest track, but not the weakest one. Mastication of Dead Cunts starts with a quick drum intro, but Tenderizing Fetal Flesh is the one that highlights blast beast at its finest. This song includes blast beast at least every five seconds. Drill Bit Lobotomy (The Dahmer Song) is a break song, while Intracranial Ejaculation will increase the tempo. Curb Stomping The Scene Kids is a brutal introduction to the end, and this Putrid Pile‘s cover, Drenched In Gasoline will conclude what we all think : Zack masters every guttural singing.

Far from revolutionizing the genre, Phalloplasty (oh sorry, Mr Shaw) is very good when he do brutal stuff. I hope he can find soon a live line up to tour in europe. For fans of Cattle Decapitaion, Jig-Ai, Napalm Death, Ingested and Brutal stuff.

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