ITC Review : Post-Mortem – God With Horns

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Sometimes, a small band sounds dead. We don’t really know what happen, the band is silent… And it lives. Post-Mortem is one of those bands.

Formed in 1995 in Mulhouse, France, they start to play a mix between Death and Thrash, to later focus on Death Metal. They released two EPs (2000 and 2001), then the band seems to be on hiatus. In 2012, they gave a sign of life, then Gaëtan (guitar), Laurent (drums) and Samuel (guitar) gather Pierre (bass) and Xavier (voice) in 2014 to work on their first full-length. God With Horns was release on February 15th, 2016. Warm up your necks, Post-Mortem are back.

Post-Mortem - God With Horns

Beyond The Void is a sampler introduction that leads to Spine Trophy. A nice track full of hate and blast beats. Rules of Death focuses on guitar harmonies, then on Xavier‘s voice with some powerful riffs to break our necks. There is also Shawter‘s voice (Dagoba‘s singer) on the chorus. Eat The Cadaver is faster and allows to the musicians to do some interesting breaks to attack harder right after. Industrial Aborted Process includes some choirs to be the catchiest song of this record, while God With Horns starts with an orchestral part. This eponymous track has also the best melodies. Void Millenium Genesis‘ riffs are a bit Thrash inspirated, but with Death Vocals, then we fastly switch to Coming War, the album’s outro. It’s a sampler that leads to the bonus track : Umbilical Strangulation. Another piece of brutality – serve hot. Xavier‘s voice is really awesome on this one. The end is really strange, it features a sampler from Les Kassos, a french web-serie, but with blast beats. The character puts its nuts in a mouse-trap. Yes for « real ».

If you’re into the Old School Death sound, you might probably like Post-Mortem‘s return.


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