ITC Review : Sacramental Blood – Ternion Demonarchy

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The fact that there is just a few bands in Serbia doesn’t means that they’re bad. We’re far from this. Created in Belgrade in 2002 by Ivan Petrovi? (drums) and Milan Dobrosavljevi? (guitar), Sacramental Blood plays a gore-affected Brutal Death Metal.

After several line-up changes, two demo and two split albums (the first one with Ophiolatry, the next one with Heretical Guilt and Blasphererion), their first full-length celebrates their fourteenth birthday. The former members (Ivan and Milan) were join by Max (Marko Curcic, on bass) and Srdjan Todorovic (guitar and vocals). They also asked to Aleksandar Plavši? to record some accoustic parts on guitar. Are you ready for a lesson in pure fucking brutality ? It’s behind the bloodstain door.

Ternion Demonarchy - Sacramental Blood

No time for more than three sampler introduction, Demonized is here to break some necks and kick everyone’s ass. What do you need to be a good Brutal Death track ? Hellish vocals, fast riffs and havy rythm ? That’s all they got. Buildings of Burning Flesh is exactly on the same pattern, it sounds like the twin demon of the first one. Nearest to the God comes to speed up the tempo under Ivan’s blasts, while Destroyer of Thought and Form seems to be a bit more technical. Are you tired ? Aeon is a transition track made with accoustic guitar, lead guitar and samplers to allow some rest to our neck right before  Sanctimonious. This rythm bulldozer features some whispers on the beginning. It’s in my opinion the best track of this record. The Relic is another slow accoustic song. In my country, we say « Calm before the storm ». The storm is Livid Deaths Descend!, with its fast riffs. When you listen to the lead part, it seems you’re trapped in the middle of a torrent of fire. Imposed Resurrection is their way to tell us that the storm isn’t over yet, with an avalanche of the evilest riff of the record. The last track, De Praestigiis Daemonum is the sign that the storm starts to fly away from us, with the help of this chaotic sampler.

For fans of Suffocation, Nile, Cannibal Corpse, but also Demonic Resurrection, Vader and Exodus.

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