ITC Review : Withered – Grief Relic

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Is someone into Black/Death here ? Of course. My path into darkness just cross Whithered‘s way.

They’re from United States with four albums in their bag, and they can redefine what « brutality » really means. Created in 2003 by Mike Thompson (guitar and vocals), the band had multiple line-up changes. They’re now solid since three years to destroy every sign of life on this planet, Mike gathers Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Gorguts…) on bass, Beau Brandon on drums and Ethan McCarthy on guitars and vocals too. They worked again with Paul Romano (Trivium, Mastodon, Hate Eternal, Godflesh, Circle…) for the awesome album cover art to describe the apocalypse we’re now ready to listen to.

Withered - Grief Relic

Leathery Rind starts with no introduction, only screams and hellish riffs. The next one, A Realm of Suffering, is the next step on the chessboard of desolation. The strongest rythm part of the record, and the longest one. This track is the way to tell us that they’re back from their grave (six years…). Withdraw starts with another awesomely heavy riff, some atmospheric riffs and the void of the silence. Feeble Gasp is slower than the other songs, it seems like the track looks on some DoomDeath riffs. An interesting song. Husk comes back to violent and quick riffs. The voice seems vomited by the two mouths of evil. Downwards comes to bring a bit of epicness to Whithered‘s universe, with Behemoth-like riffs, while Disort, Engulf reconnects with pure violence with a fast lead guitar part. The last track, To Glimpse Godliness, starts slowly then speeds up to another awesome riff to lead us deep into the Styx. Such a journey…

Maybe you like Necronomicon, Behemoth or Melechesh ? So you definitely need to check Whithered‘s work.

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