ITC Review : Within Destruction – Void

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When Pär Olofsson is drawing an artwork, you can be sure it’s for a good band. Previously know for his artworks for, among others, Immortal, Abysmal Dawn, Immolation and The Faceless, it’s for Within Destruction that the swedish artist choose to work with.

Void is their second full-length, and this swedish Deathcore band has only been active for six years. Composed of Rok Rupnik on vocals, Luka Vezzosi behind the drumkit, Janez Skumavc on bass and Damir Frlan on guitar, the four guys already release From the Depths on 2012 and Carnage on 2015. They promise that their new record is the heaviest material.

Within Destruction - VOID

Dark Impairment is the introduction song of this mastodon, to lead us into a dark and disturbing universe. It quickly leaves for Void, the title track, that attacks with the first riff. An awesome concentrate of hatred, power and heaviness. They didn’t lie to us. The singer masters death growl pig squeal and scream, he uses the three of them alternatively. Plague Of Immortality features a guest guitarist, Dean Lamb from Archspire. The two universes fits perfectly to create an awesome hymn to destruction. Desacration on the Elapsed starts with a creepy riff from outerspace, that is quickly joined by heavy rythmic. Rebirth of an Inverted Void will follow the same pattern, but with a higher tempo whereas A Spiral Rift Towards Damnation sounds like the firsts tracks : heavy and quick as hell. An Unforeseeable Anomaly pushes away brutality levels, with the help of Adam Warren (Demolisher/Oceano‘s vocalist). The next one, The Wrath Of Kezziah, includes a lot more of lead guitar parts, and another guest vocalist : Jamie Hanks from I Declare War. The connection between the two voices is perfect. With the last track, Martyrs (of the Wendigo), the swedish want to prove us that they didn’t forget their melodic part that makes the first record’s  fame.

With their sophomore full length, Within Destruction explains slowly but surely that they’re back for real, and they reach another heavy point. To anyone who loves brutal stuff : hesitancy is a waste of time.

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