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We met Gyze on a boat. Yes, a boat, because Le Petit Bain is a stage inside of a boat in Paris.

1°) Could you introduce the band and yourself please?

Ryoji : I am the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Ryoji, he is the drummer and my brother, Shuji and here is the bass player, Aruta.
We are Gyze from Japan, my town is Hokkaido, on the north island in Japan. We are a band since 2011 and before I played in another band with Shuji, named Suicide Heaven. We play together since 2009, then we changed name, now we are Gyze.


2°) How would you describe GYZE’s music to someone that never heard about the band before?

Ryoji : Actually, it’s basically Death Metal style and we put a lot of melodies. Especially japanese folk music and russian folk music, every country’s folk music. Also japanese Pop, all the pop melodies, some traditional melodies in Japan. Everything meets. Sometimes there is some classical music in it. The speed of drums, the bottom of the music is in bass, shred solos.


3°) How does the musical creation process work in the band?

Ryoji : Actually, I’m always inspired by nature. And moments of my life, every city, when I hear new music, of course metal music. I make them of myself, I send songs to members, we make arrangements, then they are complete at the end. But vocals is just the last part, first time we made instrumental part. Then I add vocals. My vocal style is almost like another instrument.


4°) In Europe, Visual Kei is the most well known japanese musical style. Why do you think that the japanese Metal bands which are not playing Visual Kei are so absent from the worldwide stage? Is there a lot of japanese Metal bands?

Ryoji : I’ll ask to members (laughs). There is no good bands, not many Metal bands. Shuji don’t like Metal bands. Japanese Metal is not cool. It sucks. My opinion is that Japanese Metal and Visual Kei are very similar music. But Visual Kei and Metal audience are not the same. Visual Kei are almost girls, while Metal are almost men.


5°) Is it easy to play Metal in Japan? How does japanese people consider Metal musicians?

We are lucky ! We are signed on a major label in Japan, we were released for the first time in Italy, so Japanese labels want to sign a contract with Gyze so we feel very lucky. We were playing Loud Park (japanese festival, ndlr) and huge festivals in Europe. Especially Summer Breeze and in Slovakia. This tour is a big chance for us.


6°) Your band is barely recent, European people mostly discovered you when you toured with Children Of Bodom in Asia. Did the international recognition change something for the band?

Actually, I was doing worldwide activities. We want to play in every countries. But Europe is the ideal place for Metal and especially for our style. Now we want to play everywhere especially huge metal festivals in Europe. I like Wacken, and of course Hellfest in France ! It’s my dream !


7°) By the way how was this tour?

Shuji : They are very kind people. My father has a similar face !
Ryoji : COB’s drummer looks like Shuji‘s father, and he calls Jaska « Papa » !
Aruta : It was really amazing !
Ryoji : It was a big chance, we were playing China, some festivals in Beijing, we went to Hong Kong, then we went back to Japan together. Actually, I got an interview with Alexi Laiho and it was a great experience for me. He is my hero when I first played guitar, Heavy Metal music, and almost my dream came true. It’s great, so actually we have to change COB style and Gyze. I always have some Alexi Laiho‘s influence to my style. I had to change, because I’m Japanese, I’m Ryoji from Gyze, I have to change. I have to find my own way and my own style.

He’s only an inspiration, you have to find your own universe, your own style.

Yeah, so I think our music are very different. There’s many melodies in Gyze.


8°) Where does the inspiration for the last record comes from? The title can make people think about Northern countries, such as Sweden, Finland…

Almost Scandinavia are an inspiration. It’s the best place for Heavy Metal. But our town is on the very north island, it’s very cold, just like scandinavia. Maybe we get same feelings than in Scandinavia.

Gyze - Band

9°) A long time ago you came in Europe for the Summer Breeze Festival. How do you feel being back in Europe? How is it to be in France especially? Did you have time to visit?

That’s great. Actually we played 3 times in Germany, always in great clubs, call to the action. I can almost say it’s like my second home country. I feel very similar. Even with the climate.


10°) Any words about your tour with Battle Beast and Majesty? Did you know those bands before? Did you expected to tour with them? Do you exchange any advices or experience about vocal technique, music practice or even stage acting?

Ryoji : Actually we didn’t know them before. We never listen to them. Our bands are different styles.
Shuji : They talk about Ninjas !
Ryoji : I looked at the two bands and wow, I had great times ! They play different styles. We are more Death Metal style, and faster. They are a little bit like… « Happy Metal » but it’s great ! Especially Noora, she’s an amazing vocalist. She is my favorite female vocalist ! I was surprised. She never singed Heavy Metal before Battle Beast, so I was surprised.


11°) What would be the best line-up ever that you would dream of going on tour with?

Shuji : Dragonforce !
Ryoji : Yesterday we met Dragonforce.
Aruta : Slayer !
Ryoji : Every band are welcome ! Actually, we are starting activities in Europe, but our dream is to tour as headliners. It’s my dream. But we welcome every bands, even Pop bands ! But of course Slayer is good, Dragonforce is always great. Of course Children Of Bodom too. I love many bands of course.


12°) Do you prefer an epic lead guitar or a lumbering rhythm part?

Ryoji : Melodies ! But we could mix them. He (Shuji) made it very heavy, and he (Aruta) made it very deep and heavy. I made some epic melodies. On top of music, there is melodies. I almost put shouts, it’s for angriest feelings. My melodies are for sad things. I prefer epic, it’s more important for Gyze‘s music.
Sometimes there’s some classical music in melodies, just like Beethoven or Mozart.
Ryoji : Yeah, actually I’m a big fan of classical music, we will release a new album, and we cover Beethoven‘s song Moonlight Sonata. We love classical music. But Folk music is also good ! Especially Russian !


13°) What is the first Metal song you ever listened to?

Ryoji : It’s not Metal but Kiss. When I was 18 years old, I played Love Gun by Kiss.
Shuji : Dragonforce !
Aruta : Hmm… Children Of Bodom ! Finnish Metal was where I started Heavy Metal.
Ryoji : Before we play together, we had cover bands, so we choosed Children Of Bodom, and we asked Shuji to play fast drums.


14°) Why did you choose to play Metal music?

Ryoji : It’s easy : Metal is cool ! In Metal, we can put everything : classical, folk, every inspiration. And I love Metal fans.
15°) Are European fans different from Japanese fans? Did you notice that some are doing more headbanging, mosh pits?

Ryoji : We went to Spain, those guys are very energic ! Germans are very powerful ! Japanese fans are very quiet, I was surprised. They became louder, Japanese people love everything. But there’s no borders, just Heavy Metal !


16°) After the show when you meet your fans are Japanese ones different from European ones? What is the most insane dedication you received from a fan?

Ryoji : I always enjoy to talk with fans after the show, I don’t think it’s insane or strange. We always enjoy to take photos with them, especially Shuji, he’s very popular with european girls !
Shuji : I do funny faces ! (laughs)
Ryoji : Aruta has his « trademark », the make-up. But spanish fans wanted to have my pick, it’s a little bit strange !

In Japan they don’t ask you for it ?

Ryoji : Especially spanish fans wanted to have it ! It’s great, but strange !


17°) The last question : what was your last musical crush? Any bands to recommend?

Aruta : Sevendust !
Ryoji : Actually, I don’t listen Heavy Metal.
Shuji : Majesty !
Aruta : Battle Beast !
Ryoji : Yeah, of course ! Every day, every night !
18°) Thanks a lot for your time, maybe you have a final word in japanese to conclude for french fans ?

Shuji : Hai minasan kyou wa furansu no pari ni kitemasu. Youroppa tsuaa hanbun no rikaishichiten desuga, shoujiki tottemo tsukaretemasuga, tottemo tanoshii hibi wo okuttemasu. Subarashii hibi wo arigatou gozaimasu. Shuji desu.

–> Hello everyone, today I’m in Paris, France. It’s only half of the tour, honestly I’m very exhausted but I still have some great moments. Thanks a lot for those beautiful days. It was Shuji.

Aruta : Arusa desu. Ima furansu, pari desuga, boku ha pari ga… pari yori furansu ga sugoku mukashi kara sukide, konkai koko ni korete hontou ni ureshiku omotte imasu. Ryokou to ieba, kankou mo shitakatta kedo koreru dake de manzoku nande, zettai mata kitai to omottemasu. Arigatou gozaimasu.

–> It’s Aruta. I’m in Paris, in France and Paris for me it’s… More than Paris, I love France since a while, and this time I’m happy to be here. To talk about traveling, I would have liked to visit more, but just being here is enough for me, and I think I will come back for sure. Thanks a lot.

Ryoji : Bonjour, I am Ryoji. Furansu no minasan, konkai ensou dekite sugoku ureshii desu. Kotoshi dake dewa naku, maitoshi kitai to omottemasu node minasan yoroshiku onegai shimasu. Ato atarashii arubamu ririizu saremasu node, yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

–> Hello, it’s Ryoji. Dear Frenchs, I’m very happy to play shows here. I think I will come back every year, and not only this year, so thanks a lot to everyone in advance. By the way, our new record will be out soon, I hope that you will support us.


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