20 albums not to miss – 2020

20 albums not to miss – 2020

No particular order

My Dying Bride – The Ghost Of OrionNuclear Blast

Uada – DjinnEisenwald

Wayfarer – A Romance With ViolenceProfound Lore

Exitium Sui – Ad PersonamNaturmacht Productions

Draconian – Under a Godless VeilNapalm Records

Sorcier Des Glaces – Un Monde de Glace et de SangObscure Abhorrence Productions

Karg – ResilienzAOP Records

Benediction – ScripturesNuclear Blast

Paradise Lost – ObsidianNuclear Blast

Audn – Vökudraumsins fangiSeason of Mist

Vampire – REXCentury Media

Solstafir – Endless Twilight of Codependent LoveSeason of Mist

Psychonaut 4 – BeautyfallTalheim Records

Ingested – Where Only Gods May TreadUnique Leader Records

Inquisition – Black Mass for a Mass GraveAgonia Records

envy – The Fallen CrimsonPelagic Records

Make Them Die Slowly – FeroxFETO Records

Griffon – O Theos, O BasileusLes Acteurs De L’Ombre

Empyrean Fire – DeliveranceHeavy Gloom Productions

Old Growth – MossweaverSupreme Chaos Records

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