Review 066 : AHAB – The Giant – English

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Let’s go back in 200’ when Chris Hector (guitar) and Daniel Droste (voice, guitar and keyboards), who were both guitar players for Midnattsol realised they share their passion for the ocean, and decided to create Ahab, as a tribute to the Prequod’s captain in the book Moby Dick, written by Herman Melville. Quickly joined by Cornelius Althammer (drums, also in Dead Eyed Sleeper) and Stephan Adolph (bass, voice), they record a demo and their first album before Stephan Adolph gives way to Stephan Wandernoth (bass, also in Dead Eyed Sleeper).

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Review 066 : AHAB – The Giant

Ahab - Logo

Lorsqu’en 2004 Chris Hector (guitare) et Daniel Droste (chant, guitare et claviers), alors tous deux guitaristes de Midnattsol se rendent compte de leur passion pour l’océan, ils décident de fonder Ahab, en hommage au capitaine du Prequod dans le roman Moby Dick d’Herman Melville. Rapidement rejoints par Cornelius Althammer (batterie, aussi dans Dead Eyed Sleeper) et Stephan Adolph (basse, chant), ils enregistrent un démo et un album avant que Stephan Adolph ne laisse la place à Stephan Wandernoth (basse, aussi dans Dead Eyed Sleeper).

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