To get in touch with me, it’s easy !

I do not care if you’re the most underground or the most known Metal band on this planet, I just deal with my free time and schedule, but I’ll be honest: I’m really flooded by inquiries.

It can also just not match with my very own and personal tastes, so please never take it personally.

Rules to keep in mind few things before submitting an album/EP:

  • I do NOT review singles
  • the earlier, the better (noooo, two weeks before the release is not « early »)
  • if the release date it from past year/month/week, it will be really hard
  • please give all informations (style, release date, label, artwork/logo, short bio, etc…)
  • feel free to send videoclips/lyric videos for sharing on social medias too, but keep the previous rules in mind too
  • if you don’t have any answer after few days (usually 2/3 days, can be extended to 1 week if I’m really busy), it’s absolutely NOT useful to send another message

Please do NOT send any album/EP from the previous years.

Keep in mind I also have a real job, so I don’t publish 30 reviews each day, so don’t wake up a week before the release.