Review 356 : The Worst Case Scenario – Drowning in Insanity – English

The Worst Case Scenario is born in violence.

Created in Texas in 2016, the band offers us a first eponymous EP in 2017, then Drowning in Insanity, their first full-length, in 2020.

As I said, the band is born in violence, and we intensely feel it inside their riffs! A huge greasy Brutal Death basis coupled with Deathcore/Slam catchy parts and super powerful howlings hits us since Planetary Devastation, the first track. This song will give us the will to mosh, punch, headbang and throw ourselves in a crazy crowd, just like the whole album! We will notice very dark influences for Kneeling Before a Gluttoneous God, a quiet dissonant part on the final of Regurgitated Will or even some heavy and raw Hardcore hints for the short Entropy. The Texans stay anchored in those aggressive sonorities, and we just fall for it, while Population Control or Alaskan Bullworm crush us. After a bit more than half an hour and Winter, an oppressive instrumental track, Parasistic Extermination offers us a last fix of pure violence before closing this album with rage.

The Worst Case Scenario offers a great dose of violence with Drowning in Insanity. The band melts several influences to its Brutal Death, which makes this record an explosive one that we can bluntly enjoy.


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