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It took us three years of wait to meet Deciever of The God‘s successor. Jomsviking, the new record from the swedish vikings Amon Amarth release date is today.

Since 1992, year of the band’s creation (they played under the name of Scum, then change the name for Amon Amarth after Johan Hegg join the band), their releases kept us goind through legends, and in the snowy steppes of distant lands. They shared with us their hunting parties and their victories, but now it’s time to get close to the legendary mercenary order.
Producted by Andy Sneap, the four warriors (Frederik Andersson left the band, and Jocke Wallgren will fill the drums on stage soon) record the album in studio at the end of 2015 with Tobias « Tobben » Gustafsson to create some new songs.

Amon Amarth - Jomsviking

Two months ago they released First Kill, the first snippet. A violent video clip, sharp riffs, Johan Hegg‘s voice is stronger than ever when he yell at us the firsts expermients of a young man with death. How could you fail to fall in love ? It’s obviously this song that they choosed, which shows us the musical composition’s quality, to open the record.
The next one, Wanderer, make us sink into a huge battle against Scandinavia’s rough weather. An epic introduction gives way to powerfull riffs from Olavi Mikkonen‘s and Johan Söderberg‘s guitars, and Ted Lundström‘s bass. Amon Amarth‘s receipe never changed for years : solid rythm part, epic sound from lead guitar and screams of anger. Wanderer will ends with the next song’s introduction, On A Sea Of Blood. Ways faster, it can reminds Twilight of the Thunder God to the purists. A very good song, I really hope to see them play it on stage.
One Against All will satisfy the ones who think that the last was too short, whereas Raise Your Horns‘ riffs are heavyier. The chorus is really catchy ! The Way Of Viking‘s introduction allows us some rest just before reaching the battle again side by side with the legions that the swedish invoke. The uprising at the beginning of the solo is pure epicness. At Dawns First Light (the second preview song, released ten days ago) could be confusing. After a first good riff, the music nearly stops to hand over to Johan Hegg. After his wise advice, his horde surge on us without control.
One Thousand Burning Arrows is on a lower tempo than the other songs, and can be considerate as the epic ballad of the record. After a mesmerising outro, Johan Hegg starts Vengeance Is My Name. Unusual thing for Amon Amarth, but the quality is here for this neckbreaking song. Doro Pesch do them the honor to sing along Johan on A Dream That Cannot Be. A singular song, because one of the only Amon Amarth song (with Hel) to feature a non saturated voice, and the only one with female vocals. The Queen of Metal’s voice give this song a particular energy.
Back On Northern Shores (already the last song…) is the longest track. The whole length of the song is perfectly exploited to give it a particular atmosphere, in particular with tapping guitar parts.
Without revolutionizing the genre, Amon Amarth made what we need. An Amon Amarth record, definitely, but a very good one. My advice is easy to understand : shield your way to buy it, and stand on the drakkar to the show when they hit the road !



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