Live Report : Pain + Corroded + Sawthis – Koksijde (Belgium)

Pain + Corroded + Sawthis - Belgique

After an amazing experience in Paris at Le Petit Bain, we decided to plan our first trip ever to Belgium to see the Coming Home Again Tour once more. We didn’t even know that this one would be the last show of the tour, but it makes this experience more intense. This meeting with Pain, Corroded and Sawthis takes place in the coastal city of Koksijde, 3 hours long from Paris. So we leaved our bed early and driving straight to a hotel then to the venue.

After joining the Casino, we met our friend Bjarne from Corroded, who personally invited us, and waited for a bit in front of the venue. The main difference with Paris ? There was nearly nobody. Just few persons, and when the venue opened we were 30…

After waited for a hour, lights shut down and the italian band Sawthis jumped on stage on a sampler. Musicians started to play a mix between Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal and sometimes Hardcore inspiration. While Michele Melchiore (drums) hits his kit like a real demon, the guitar duo formed by Marco Di Carlo and Adriano Quaranta compete with harmonics on the first song, The Empty Place, when Gaetano Ettorre (bass) holds the rhythm part. On this energetic instrumental track, Alessandro Falà’s voice doesn’t really fits, but this impression will fade away (thanks to the sound guy, because the first minutes weren’t well mixed in my opinion) after the first chorus. The band headbangs together while starting Start A New Game, and Gaetano has fun standing right in front of the first row. Focusing on their last album, Babhell, they continue with other compositions, that finally sets off some headbangs on the first row, before moving back through time with The Crowded Room. Even if Alessandro’s moves looks like Metalcore, Thrash roots are highlighted on the composition. The band takes a moment to thank the other bands and technicians of this tour then finishes with Act Of Sorrow.This song’s chorus is really catchy and the whole crowd sings with them for the final one.

Setlist : The Burning PlaceStart a New GameEmpty WallThis String Is For Your NeckThrough HellThe Crowded RoomAct Of Sorrow


Sawthis 1 Sawthis 2 Sawthis 3
Sawthis 4 Sawthis 6 Sawthis 5
Sawthis 7 Sawthis 8 Sawthis 9
Sawthis 10 Sawthis 11


The band quickly takes off stage their instruments to allow Corroded to settle down. After a short moment, lights fade and the band start to play Carry Me My Bones. After a mesmerizing and soft introduction, the real rhythm part starts. Unfortunately, Bjarne Elvsgård’s bass is a bit overmixed, that turns the song into some kind of Stoner instead of Hard Rock, but the vocal duo between Jens Westin (vocals/guitar) and Thomas Andersson (guitar/choirs) is still as efficient and as enjoyable as last time. Harmonics collide under Jens’ screams, and they take over the show with the amazing Gun And A Bullet, after a little fail with some jacks. Headbangers start to move on the heavy rhythm, dictated by Per Soläng’s (drums) fierce hits. Vessels Of Hate follows the same pattern, but the real climax is reached by Fall Of A Nation, where each voice collide again. Even if he suffers from his knee, Bjarne stomps in front of us. His improvised kneepad with pink stage tape won’t avoid him to play in any case. The show takes his course, alternating furious rhythms and some calm moments interspersed by a wall of hugs, then Tomas decided to jump on the crowd. So we started to hug him too with lots of laughs. Jens jokes with us as I Am A God’s introduction and to finish the show, the guys invited one of their “tour brothers” Adriano from Sawthis to play the last song on guitar instead of Jens, who focuses on vocals. The show ended on many handshakes with huge smiles on their face.

Setlist : Carry Me My BonesGun And A BulletVessels Of HateFall Of A NationAge Of RageBurn It To The GroundRetract And DisconnectI Am The God 6 ft Of Anger


Corroded 1 Corroded 2 Corroded 3
Corroded 4 Corroded 5 Corroded 6
Corroded 7 Corroded 8 Corroded 9
Corroded 10 Corroded 11 Corroded 12
Corroded 14 Corroded 13 Corroded 16
Corroded 15


The musicians take the small drumkit to pieces and connect some microphones for the swedish masters Pain. We waited a bit longer, but when the tape finally stays quiet, Sebastian Tägtgren (drums) jumped on his seat, Greger Andersson (guitar) and Jonathan Olsson (bass) set up on each side of the stage while the headmaster Peter Tägtgren (guitar/voice) enters the stage under the crowd’s screams. Dancing With The Dead is the first song, and there is no wait for fellows headbangers to start breaking their neck. The swedish didn’t take a rest before Monkey Business and strike some poses to allow photographers to easily work. Peter’s voice is perfect tonight, and the sound is even better than in Paris, so we can enjoy every amazing rhythmics : Suicide Machine, Dirty Woman dedicated to a fan in the audience, The Great Pretender… The whole band is introduced, there was a little joke before Call Me as always and the crowd start to move a bit. But really a bit. Technicians bring an acoustic guitar and a seat to Greger for the beautiful Coming Home, then the band plays musical chairs with microphones for On And On before leaving the stage. When the crowd scream the band’s name, they come back for three more songs. The amazingly energetic You Only Live Twice, that creates a wave of headbanging, Eleanor Rigby that I don’t really enjoy, and for Shut Your Mouth, the last one, the guys from Sawthis and Corroded invade the stage to party with them for the final show of this tour. The band still master their song, even with distraction !

Setlist : Dancing With The DeadMonkey BusinessBlack Knight SatelliteSuicide MachineDirty WomanThe Great PretenderJust Hate Me Zombie SlamCall MeSame Old SongEnd Of The Line Nailed To The GroundComing HomeOn And On
Rappel : You Only Live TwiceEleanor RigbyShut Your Mouth


Pain 1 Pain 3 Pain 2
Pain 5 Pain 4 Pain 6
Pain 7 Pain 8 Pain 9
Pain 10 Pain 12 Pain 11
Pain 14 Pain 13 Pain 15
Pain 16 Pain 17 Pain 18
Pain 20 Pain 19 Pain 21
Pain 23 Pain 22 Pain 24
Pain 26 Pain 25 Pain 27
Pain 28 Pain 29


After the show, you just have to wait a bit near from the merch booth to meet the band members. They all come, chat with fans, signs some stuff, take pictures, drink beers… I really love this party atmosphere, and we waited with Corroded’s members until the bus leaves. When we met them in Paris, we immediately started to talk naturally because they are amazing persons. Now it’s sure that we will stay friends for a long time. Such an amazing experience thanks to you guys, and we cannot wait to see you again !

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