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While a musical journey ends, another one widely starts from the end of the first one, as it was for Demonic Obedience.

Created in Greece by George Ntavelas (all instruments at the beginning, then only guitar now, he also plays in As I Suffer Silently) and George Seremetis (As I Suffer Silently) on the ashes of Deceptive Incarnation, the band, formerly named The Deepest and now based in Scotland, plays a very unhealthy Blackened Death Metal with pelicular vocals. Even if the collaboration between the two guys ends after this name change, George Ntavelas releases two albums before teaming up with Mark Stormwhipper (bass) and Kruxator (vocals) to compose and record Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation. Sensitive people, be careful.

Demonic Obedience - Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation

The band begin with Conjuration, that immediately calms down the most experienced listeners thanks to nasty riffs and vomited vocals that is a blend of dirty scream and cavernous growl. The dark but violent rhythm isn’t afraid to use a more atmospheric lead guitar before coming back to sharp harmonics while Kruxator yells all that he can with ardor. More dissonant harmonics for the powerful Inception and drums that sounds like we’re under a steamroller every ten seconds, while both voices overlaps for a sick blend, but the band has a tendency to slow the tempo down to allow us to perfectly hear the lead guitar. A short Doom influenced-moment for Awakening’s introduction with a worrying sound enable Mark Stormwhipper’s bass to express under this flood of tortured guitars. After many harmonics that slowly go straight to your mind, Outbreak’s goal is go one step further. Merciless rhythm track strongly hits at the very beginning and the intensity won’t decrease until the final note.
Let’s go back on a melodic track with Decampment and some background screams that gather the singer’s powerful voice, but the main role is for the bloody tasting lead guitar. On the chorus, vocals melts with those accurate harmonics to throw us upon Act 6(66), an instrumental track. Musicians take the time to introduce each part with sometimes dissonnant, sometimes atmospheric but always catchy riffs. Once this interlude ends, speed takes possession of the three musicians again for Annihilation. More warlike on screaming parts, we can truly feel pure Black Metal influences while lead guitar seems to ooze Old School Death Metal from the 90’s, but with longer parts than usually. The last track, Scythe Bearer, is also one of the longest one. The airy solo at the very beginning transports us to a jerky rhythmic part that eventually transforms itself into an unhealthy track under a consequent amount of blast beat and double kick, with a mesmerizing end.

It’s a perfect blend between filthy but powerful sound with mystical and looming sonorities that Demonic Obedience offers us with Fatalistic Uprisal Of Abhorrent Creation. For a first album composed by several members, the final mix is very interesting and it’s a great sign for the future. What about live shows? Nothing were told about this, but I hope as much as you do!


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