Review 180: Lebenssucht – -273,15°C – English

Make place in your heart for darkness to welcome -273,15°C, Lebenssucht’s first full-length.

The band is born in 2015 from a collaboration between musicians from various countries. A first EP is released in 2016 and today S Caedes (vocals, Humanitas Error Est, I Am All Wounds, Throne ov Shiva), Ahephaim (drums/vocals, Lost God, Throne ov Shiva, Humanitas Error Est, Exuviated, ex-Enthroned), Irleskan (guitar/vocals, Svarta) and Arboria (guitar, Humanitas Error Est) offer us this firebrand of sorrow on Thanatoskult, of which name corresponds to absolute zero.

Since the very firsts seconds of Trauerweide, it is impossible not to feel this blackness and this violent melancholy that hits with full force. Literally unchained, musicians present a visceral and sharp music, gathered by terrifying howls. Several voices, but the same with pain. A new storm of hatred breaks free on A Hole In My Heart, the next track. Screams interwine on powerful, hectic and death-smelling riffs. Whether the fiery drums sometimes calm down to let place to languor, the song’s soul is still the same. An icy and faraway break comes, shattering the rhythm, to introduce a deep voice in this painting of despair then offers a cold final before Moment of Violence. It’s a frenzied blast beat that begins this track, before vocals join rhythmic, bringing new aspects, both similar and so different to such dark music. More martial, this song brings another dimension to the band’s universe.
Mirrors, the longest track, is also the more different one. All the band’s influences mingle, clash and assault themselves. From DSBM to Ambient Black metal, while flirting with Doom, airy, melodic influences… And even if the track duration can discourage, the track doesn’t seem to be long at all, it’s the total opposite. Nullpunkt kickstarts but finally comes back on this dissonant and dark sound that makes the band’s charm, bringing a warlike and absorbing before the last track. Entitled -273,15°C, it is without a doubt the most frightening and cold one. A concert of terrorized voices, that suffer an intense pain… all of this with hypnotic sounds.

Even though -273,15°C is just Lebenssucht’s first album, it is also a proof their musical creativity. Only six tracks, but they are six virulent statements towards life and the musician’s experience. A true dark jewel performed by a band at its top.


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