Review 199: Acedia Mundi – Selfhatred.Addiction – English

New fix of darkness signed by Acedia Mundi with Selfhatred.Addiction.

Created in 2013 by V. (guitar/vocals, ex-Creeping Fear), the project tends to Black Metal and releases a first album in 2017. Nowadays ready to play on stage and completed by W. (bass, Etxegiña, ex-Atavisma, ex-Gargantua), A. (drums, Ronces, Filthcult, Nidstang), T. (guitar, Epectase, Oes Galliath, Filthcult, Etxegiña) and Antoine (guitar, Sanctuary), the band throw us their EP on the face with the help of Musiko Eye.

Dissonant sounds, gravelly voice, mad accelerations and pure hatred are included of those four songs. But far from dumbly aligning basic Black Metal riffs, the band offers some heavier parts like on Nemo Me Impune Lacessit (I Will Kill You), a disturbing and oppressive track, which finally sounds catchy. The group also upgrades 666 (Hohelied Der Wiedererweckung) from the german band Katharsis, while keeping this Old School and nihilist spirit that is perfectly suitable for both bands, then they unleash Dic(k)hter. A first riff, interrupter by a sampled voice, then the sound comes back. Dirty and martial, the song picks as much in an Old School sonorities than in a lumbering and interesting groove. Last song, the famous I Wanna Be Your Dog from The Stooges is covered on a Black’n’Roll way. The meeting of those two universes is strange, but clearly not interesting, and it’s not a surprise that we quickly enjoy this crazy blend that fits to the band’s energy.

Acedia Mundi has come a long way since their first production and Selfhatred.Addiction can attest. Expressing each aspect of the band’s personality, from the more conventional to the craziest one, musicians doesn’t set themself boundaries, and live shows are also impressive.


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