Review 200: Druids Of The Gué Charette – Talking To The Moon – English

While some bands are setting borders to their music, Druids of the Gué Charette decide to let their imagination take over their madness.

Since 2015, Reverend Drope (chant/theremin), Grumpy K. Fuzzman (bass/choirs), Vincenzo De La Rocha (keyboard/percussions/choirs), Little B. (guitar) and Rey “Animal” Revolt (drums) go for this unusual adventure. An original name, refering to a pond in Brittany, that is now written on two full-lengths, a demo and a split. And it’s about Talking to the Moon, the band’s sophomore album, that we will talk about.

To be honest, I only knew the band because of some posters on social medias since several years. And when I began this experience, I expected nothing. However, the combo throw us in this universe that melts Occult Rock, Stoner, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Blues… and that works. Whether on stage musicians play wearing a sackcloth (druidic reference), mystery and mysticism are also part of their as their disturbing and catchy music. It is saturation, light sound, some screams, clean vocals, refind rhythmic, convoluted sonorities but above all a lusical journey that the five musicians offer. We begin with bass sound on the first track, I’m Not a Bad Boy, and we go with the flow. Choirs that melt to the rhythm part, throaty voice on Talking to the Moon, Grunge/Punk influences for Parasites or Bury Your Dead… the band include everything, even some melancholic ambiences supported by psychedelic sounds for It’s Alright to Fail Sometimes. Track by track, the band scroll through their universe, whether the song is short or not. I will also keep in mind the catchy and dark The Curse as well as Every Color But The Black that flirts with a sick Doom Metal. After eleven track as different and unhealthy than the others, the album stops.

Druids Of The Gué Charette is a surprising band. Full of complementary and contrasted influences, Talking to the Moon is surprising as well. Every instrument has its precise role in the mix, and the band seems to be more determined than ever to prove it on stage.


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