Review 231: Onslaught – Generation Antichrist – English

Are you ready for one of the most massive Thrash Metal fix of the year? Onslaught offers it.

Called Generation Antichrist, this seventh album from the english band comes back to the style’s roots. Founded in 1982 by Nige Rockett (guitar), the band is forced to a hiatus in 1991 after three full-lengths. But the band’s rebirth happens in 2004, and despite line-up changes, nowadays Jeff Williams (bass), James Perry (drums, Bull-Riff Stampede), Wayne Dorman (guitar, Arcus Angelus, ex-Dakesis) and David Garnett (vocals, Bull-Riff Stampede, ex-Plague) complete the line-up.

As an introduction, you must know one thing. I don’t like basic Thrash Metal. But Onslaught has this ability to take everything that made the style’s fame with a modern approach. Powerful vocals, blast beat, riffs… all that we love! A soft and military introduction named Rise To Power softly explain us how this will happen. The band is more than ready to strike hard and give us a snippet. Then comes Strike Fast, Strike Hard, a fast and sharp song that gives us what we needed about Onslaught. A true and uncompromised assault, and it’s the same feeling for Bow Down to the Clowns. The sound is a melting between Old School and modern mix, which gives the song a catchy side. Generation Antichrist and its dissonant but aggressive sonorities skyrockets the band’s Thrash Metal to another level, while All Seeing Eye comes back to the style’s basics and offers impressive riffs punctuated by some backing vocals. If you didn’t headbang yet, Addicted to the Smell of Death is the solution for you. We will notice both vocals but also sharp harmonics, when Empire Falls delivers a massive groove inlaid with bloody-tasting sonorities. Do you need more? Religiousuicide is here to tear a crowd apart with this greasy sound with many harmonics. Never mind the venue or the festival, the audience will like it. Between religion rejection and Thrash, the band stick to their guts. Last song, A Perfect Day To Die makes raw sound and groove reunite for a last waltz in violence.

For die-hard fans, Onslaught lived up their reputation. For newcomers, Generation Antichrist is the perfect example of melting modernity and Old School Thrash Metal. For everyone, it’s a must-hear!


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