Review 245 : Power Sink – The Fool – English

Its’on the 21st August, 2020 that Power Sink, a Hardcore band mingling Punk and Beatdown, just released their first EP named The Fool.

The band is made of four members: Josh Clark (vocals), Freddy Roberts (drums), Willy (bass), and Coty Clark (guitar/vocals), from Birmingham, Alabama.

This quartet offers us a spiteful EP that we can easily identify with, committed and full of rage lyrics with a well know straight-talk in the Hardcore universe.
This absorbing style supported with devastating Punkish vocals and very Beatdown-sounding breaks, will give you a desire to throw yourself into the pit, scream and dance. Catchy just with your speakers’ sound, you’ll eagerly expect them on stage.


Written by Grindcœur

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