Review 277 : Alter Idem – Fragments of Consciousness – English

And it’s straight out of Brisbane and Adelaide in Australia that Alter Idem released its first EP.

Named Fragment of Consciousness, it is composed of 4 tracks just like the band: Seamus Mcilduff (guitars), Matt Turkington (vocals), Mason Page (drums) et Nick McClounan (bass). They offer us a Death Metal that pushes the boundaries of extreme music.

Here we go for greasiness, a lot of greasiness with Paradoxical Design. Between guttural vocals and pig squeal, you’ll love it. Melting fastness and slowness, you will smash everyone’s face during live shows ! The sound slows down but is still enjoyable, and it’s far from the end! To be honest… we all love this massive bass sound! We continue with a great transition for the eponymous Fargment of Consciousness, an aggressive sound from the beginning with a very nice guitar solo! The band comes back to a slower but still effective part to bring a very catchy rhythm and finish with a lovely lead guitar. With one of the longest anguishing transitions, we go for Neural Adaptation and its explosive beginning. Gathered by double vocals, I can assure you that you’ll have rhythm in your blood thanks to this sound, then thanks to fast riffs. On this song, I noticed that the bass is spotlighted, and beware… to this huge break. We finish with And Unravel that offers a total change of mood followed by a pretty melody, but do not trust appearances, the band quickly come back to their roots for a huge sound.

It’s with a mesmerizing video that the first EP of Alter Idem falls upon us. Between fastness and greasiness, we’re sure that you’ll find your heart’s desire.


Written by Grindcoeur

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