Review : With Heavy Hearts – Nothing – English

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Did you miss them? With Heavy Hearts are back in full force for Nothing.

And this time, Adam Svensson (vocals), Emil Gustavsson (guitar), Magnus Källström (bass) and Pontus Lundstedt (drums) offer us a video clip in addition to a new song!

Between melancholy and heavy riffs from Post-Harcore/Melodic Death Metal, the swedes melt moving melodies, lyrics from which it is perfectly possible to identify to at least once in your life, and above all their skill. Howlings let place to clean vocals on the chorus, but backing vocals are here to hold this rage until the end.

With this video clip, With Heavy Hearts obviously offer us another very interesting track, but also a powerful visual stuff to prove their commitment to shape themselves at the top with the best ones. We are Nothing, but they’re still on the ascent.


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