Review 323 : Kosmovorous – Glorification Sermons – English

It’s shaped by mystery that Kosmovorous awakes.

Created in 2013 by S (bass) and Antinomos (guitar), the duo hires Valkenstijn (vocals, Mosaic, Nachtmysium, Sun of the Sleepless) two years after, then works on Glorification Sermons, which is released in 2020.

Mysticism deeply marks the band, and it is impossible not to feel it in the band’s dissonant riffs and visceral howlings. The EP begins with The Perilous Flesh And The Devouring Light, a piercing song filled by blackness. The vocalist literally seems to be possessed, offering terrifying screams on this fast-paced and malevolent rhythmic, and even if the tempo decreases, the intensity doesn’t. Fastness possesses musicians again, then the unholy ritual resumes. Second and already last song, Flagellation Litaines throw us in the middle of a ceremony in the honor of this dark divinity, on which complex and violent riffs are aligned. This wall of sound is gathered by tortured howls, cries and a dramatic suffering related with vehemence by the singer. The final slowdown allows us to slowly retrieve from this ceremony.

Intensity and deepness are undoubtedly the two main threads of Kosmovorous. Glorification Sermons offers two dark, powerful and majestic songs that you need to hear more than once to enjoy every shade.


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