Review 372 : Inherits the Void – Mémoires – English

It is not uncommon that a musician’s creativity expresses itself alone, as it is the situation for Inherits the Void.

Created by [A] (all instruments/vocals) during winter 2019, the man begins to compose and record what is now called Mémoires, his first EP.

Illusions, the first song, makes us immediately sink into this melting of Post-Black with ice-cold atmospheric influences. The sound is raw, but we feel that the song focuses on those visceral howlings as well as harrowing harmonics. Paysages Polaires, the next song, also picks into violent airy sonorities to illustrate the Poèmes Barbares from the poet Charles Leconte de Lisle. The union between french poems and intense dissonant instrumental is perfect, as well as the dark and piercing rhythmic of Noirceurs. Heady and beautiful, the composition makes our mind travel while offering riffs that progressively surround us to catch us, before becoming heavier.
Mémoires, the eponymous track, is more oppressing. Even if the musician uses the same recipe as he did previously, we feel that the composition is heavier, more impressive, and the acceleration that follows confirms it. Melodies find their way to our mind, while the rhythmic smashes us. Between aggression and softness, the final part lets place to Ascension, the shorter track. A clean sound strengthened by soft ambiences allows us to breathe while enjoying ethereal harmonics, but Le Dernier Visage is already here. With this last song, the musician floods us with a wave of furor, seizing melodies and a fast rhythmic basis, to mark minds one last time before leaving.

It is not easy to compose alone, but Inherits the Void successfully did. Mémoires is both a very intense and very personal first EP, that melts Post-Black and Post-Hardcore with ice-cold Atmospheric/Melodic influences. Skipping would be an error.


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