Review 570 : Last Days of Humanity – Horrific Compositions of Decomposition – English

In those troubled times, Last Days of Humanity are back.

Fifteen years after its last studio album, the band formed and led in the Netherlands by Hans Smits (chant) offers us Horrific Compositions of Decomposition, which follows four albums and a huge amount of splits. About the line-up, we have Bas van Geffen (basse/guitare, F.U.B.A.R.) and Paul Niessen (batterie, F.U.B.A.R., ex-Maggots).

For those who don’t know the band, we will act into an Old School Goregrind universe. What is Goregrind? A Grindcore subgenre, but a more greasy, extreme, bloody, heavy and aggressive one. Some worrying and gore samples accompany this pure unfurling violence, those meat hooking patterns and those as greasy as cholesterol’s embodiment howlings. In twenty minutes, the band spreads more than thirty very fast songs (some are less than thirty seconds long), including a cover of the swiss band Fear of God, who shares the same basis. Despite the raw violence, the Punkish catchy patterns and the controlled larsens that compose this album, it makes us want to throw ourselves on the closest wall while letting our violent instinct express itself and hit at everything near. Then the album ends, and we want more.

Last Days of Humanity is back from the dead to make us mosh. Put aside every form of complexity, technicality and melodies, because Horrific Compositions of Decomposition offers pure grease and violence. And we still like it as much as before!


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