Review 762 : Chaos Over Cosmos – The Silver Lining Between the Stars – English

Chaos Over Cosmos is back with a third album.

Only one year before the previous one, Rafal Bowman (guitar/bass/programming) comes with KC Lyon (vocals/lyrics) to introduce us to The Silver Lining Between the Stars.

Last time I talked about Chaos Over Cosmos, I described it as a very technical but deep universe. And it didn’t change. The band still focuses on this extreme technicality, those impressive sonorities and those catchy rhythmics, like Violent Equilibrium shows us since the first seconds. Fierce rapping and ambient parts give birth to an aggressive Prog/Death rhythmic dyed with complex melodies, then vocals add some touch of strength. The song is long but absolutely not tiring, then modern and heady sonorities lead us to The Last Man in Orbit. The song continues into this airy dimension contrasted by an extreme violence and a cosmic heaviness, then Eternal Return wears some transcending sonorities to deliver a both technical and hooking instrumental. Ambiences take turns, but they all stay in the same vein, while Control ZED develops some energetic and communicative tones. Lead continuously strike, while vocals explore new dimensions before The Sins Between the Stars, the last song. Way softer while staying into those airy mesmerizing sonorities, and even clean backing vocals, the song will have no hesitation to reconnect with violence while being coherent from beginning to end.

If you think Chaos Over Cosmos is only a technicality display, you did not understand it. The riffs of The Silver Lining Between the Stars are of course full of complex and mesmerizing patterns, but they are above all at the service of extreme sonorities, calling for a spatial modernity.


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