Review 766 : Fleshbore – Embers Gathering – English

Fleshbore releases its first album.

Created in the United States in 2017 after the disband of Into the Divine, the band is nowadays composed of Michael McGinley (guitar, ex-Into the Divine), Cole Daniels (bass, Nigh Ungodly), Cole Chavez (guitar, ex-Into the Divine), Tyler Mulkey (drums) and Michael O’Hara (vocals, The Green Leaves). After a first EP in 2018, here is Embers Gathering.

We begin with Momentum, an introduction that sets the dissonant but heavy basis of a Technical Death Metal. About vocals, just expect violence, and it perfectly fits to this fast aggressiveness, while it doesn’t forget Melodic Death Metal roots. The band continues with Careless Preacher, an enraged composition that gives each instrument a place to express itself. Sometimes sharp, sometimes airy, but always precise, the rhythmic is catchy, just like on Cynicism and its Old School touches. The song picks some Brutal Death elements while keeping this extreme technicality before leaving for The Scourge, a darker and more mysterious composition than the other ones. Violence and fastness are not forgotten, while Embers Gathering, the next song, showcases mastery. Tapping and moshparts follow each other on a videoclip in full nature, and once again heady melodies slip into heaviness. Revivified comes next with this airy dimension that gets developed with dissonance and technical parts. The song stays accessible but is still weighing, then One Thousand Hands comes to close the album with a melting of this technical aggressiveness and some hooking melodic parts. The rhythmic will suddenly explode, then we end in a moshpart.

With this first album, Fleshbore opens us the gates of a violent and technical universe. However, Embers Gathering is not a pure talent exhibition, and even if it is a bit short it is very coherent, and the band doesn’t hesitate to pick into its several roots to place melodies, rage and heaviness.


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