Review 881 : Cystectomy – Deprive to Hollowness – English

No pity, here is the first Cystectomy album.

Internationally created by Oscar Ortega (guitar, Strappado, Tortured, Septycemia, Esophageal…), Juan Pablo Flores (drums, Reptilium) and Randy Leung (vocals, Facelift Deformation), the band offers us Deprive to Hollowness, its first album. 

The album begins with Incorporeal Ontologies, a song with a worrying introduction that quickly places effective and groovy riffs. Bestial howlings are obviously part of the game, like infrabass-infused breaks, and it continues with Past Life Amnesia, a song with Old School riffs which offer hooking riffs and killer groove. The rhythmic allows no dead before Reincarnation, a composition that melts modern tones with Slam Death roots. The song is made of pure effectiveness, just like The Oath of Falsifiers, one of the most violent song of the album. Moshparts give birth to devastating breakdows, which are a basis for growls and pig squeals, but an infrabass crushes us before the final part. Psychic Boundary continues to melt Old School riffs with dancing and modern patterns, but once again breaks and rhythm changes come to accentuate violence, just like on Gangrenous Awareness, a solid track. The song does not hesitate to use modern ways to strengthen pure violence, like on the wild Holocaust Witness and its groovy patterns. But this extreme brutality draws as much into Old School and modern effects surface again, as with Grim Season Circulation, that would make a dead mosh. The song plays on raw effectiveness, and the slow parts obviously play on deafening effects before Atonement, a massive and fast track that uses crushing breaks. The track continues into those greasy and raw tones, like the dancing Witness of the Cataclysm, that regularly stuns us with its heavy patterns. Effects participate in the song’s supernatural violence, already feeded by riffs, that will once again explode with those killer riffs.

Cystectomy loves both Old School and modern Slam Death tones. We can easily understand it with Deprive to Hollowness, an album that showcases both effective and devastating riffs as well as more modern crushing effects and patterns.


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