Review 886 : Heads for the Dead – Slash’n’Roll – English

Heads for the Dead comes back with Slash’n’Roll, its new EP!

Barely one year after their second album, Jonny Pettersson (instruments, Ashcloud, Massacre, Henry Kane, Nattravnen, Wombbath…), Ralf Hauber (vocals, Revel in Flesh, Rotpit, ex-Immortal Rites) et Ed Warby (drums, Ayreon, The 11th Hour, ex-Gorefest, ex-Hail of Bullets) prepared the following.

The album begins with the hooking groove of Maniac, an as dirty as accessible track that offers quite heavy saturated vocals over a weighing rhythmic. The band also spreads a ghoulish ambience which is part of their musical personality and which perfectly fits the artwork, then Halloween uses the eponymous movie’s theme to introduce its energetic riffs. Monstrous howlings join the groovy and thick melting, that sometimes slows down to unveil some heaviness, just like The Thing and its worrying tones. The song will make you nod while you regret not being into a sweat-smelling crowd to enjoy those Old School and bloody riffs. The trio then attacks with Skulls, a Misfits cover, and it is clear the Death’n’Roll made of Old School Punk is very effective! Simple, solid and shaking, the song perfectly fits to this horrific universe, just like Pet Semetary from the Ramones, that the band chose to close its EP. Here again, we stay on raw, saturated and dirty effectiveness for a last fix of communicative energy.

Heads for the Dead offers riffing and effectiveness while sprinkling this Old School sound with horror. Slash’n’Roll is short, but it allows to note the easiness the band have to handle its influences to create or cover heavy and groovy songs.


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