Review 909 : Nervochaos – Dug Up… Diabolical Reincarnations – English

Nervochaos celebrates its twenty-fifth years of career with a new album.

Created in Brazil in 1996 by Eduardo Lane (drums), the band regularly changes its line-up. For the release of Dug Up… Diabolical Reincarnations, their ninth album, Quinho (guitar), Pedro Lemes (bass), Woesley Johann (guitar, Goat Necropsy, Krow) and Brian Stone (vocals, Contortion) are with the band.

Notice that the album is made of the band’s early material which was re-recorded for the anniversary.

We begin with I Hate Your God, a quite simple song that anchors the band into Old School Death Metal with thick mix. Leads are a bit back, while Envy offers an aggressive and violent rhythmic. Blast reigns supreme on the raw rhythmic, but some leads allow us to breathe before the groovy Putrid Pleasures. Unsurprisingly the track is quite dark, but is chocks itself on an effective rhythmic, offering an accessible blackness to connoisseurs, as to those who only want to nod, then Mighty Justice unveils a warlike rage that lets place to fast and effective leads before the heavy Upside Down Crows. The song is unhealthy for sure, but it is based on this impressive heaviness, just like The Urge to Feel Pain, an energetic song that lets Old School tones do their work, like on this thick break. Some Thrash influences give it a spurt of rage, then Dark Chaotic Destruction offers an uncompromising Death Metal that pays tribute to its raw roots, as well as unhealthy backing vocals. The sound is straightforward and somme effective patterns can be found into the song, like on Nervochaos, the song named after the band, which offers Hardcore influences, mainly on vocals. Pure Hemp reconnects with pure violence, sometimes picking into Brutal Death to increase its strength, then Scavengers of the Underworld crushes us with its updated Old School influences. Perish Slowly offers this thick rhythmic with bass forward, then raw and melodic Old School roots slip into riffs before the groovy and unhealthy The Devil’s Work. This last composition makes a point to offer hooking tones at every moment, even during the final slow down.

Violence is obviously mandatory for Nervochaos. The band’s Old School tones meet fast and effective parts that can be hooking and putrid on Dug Up… Diabolical Reincarnations, creating a solid and dark universe.


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