Review 922 : Mesarthim – CLG J02182–05102 – English

Mesarthim is restless.

CLG J02182–05102, the band’s sixth album, is released at the end of 2021, after an intense EP that gathered once again the two musicians from Left Horn of the Ram since 2015.

A Generation of Star Birth Part 1 opens the album with abrasive and airy sonorities, welcoming powerful and saturated vocals before highlighting sonorities from the Electronic music scene. The two universes melt together to create a hooking and oppressive sound, then the piercing lead drives us to a quiet part and to A Generation of Star Birth Part 2, which uses the previous intensity and adds some DSBM influences to the basis rooted into Trance. The sound is seizing and uninterrupted, although some more modern breaks come to create a contrast with blackness, then A Manipulation of Numbers Part 2 (Vacuum Decay) continues into this dynamic and unveils a strange and hypnotic sound. Riffs are soaring, topped by those spatial influences, which creates a heady and original universe, then Infinite Density places this unholy and airy energy in the center of the song. Once again, I feel the melting of styles is strange but very interesting, while Nucleation Seed offers an electronic, modern and heady transition before Tidal Warping. This last song delivers us a raw Atmospheric Black Metal, a futuristic ambience and haunting sonorities to close the album.

Who still have doubts about Mesarthim? The band handles a cold Black Metal and heady Trance influences since years, and CLG J02182–05102, their last album, is no exception to the rule. If you’re looking for uniqueness and seizing sound, here is your favorite band.


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