Review 930 : Gourmand – To Bring To Nothing – English

Gourmand is back.

Created in 2015, the band is active on stage and studio since then. In 2021, Luke Adams (vocals/violin, Kadens), Danny Loomis (guitar/vocals, Kadens), Scott Prewitt (guitar/vocals) and Axel Harvey (bass/piano, Marasmus, ex-A Plague in Faith) call Trynt Kelly (drums, Marasmus, Unmerciful) to put the final touch to To Bring To Nothing, their new EP.

The band attacks with The Myth of Purpose, a composition with complex but effective riffs. The thick rhythmic lets place to darker and more worrying tones, which will be once again crushed by an uncompromising Death Metal and topped by powerful howlings. Shrilling leads alight on the rhythmic for an epic final, then Viral Poverty comes next with a raw rage and a killer groove. Musicians achieve to graft this dark dissonance while staying into pure effectiveness, then a worrying break comes before heavy jerks anchored into blackness. The EP ends with To Bring To Nothing and its rhythm changes which throws us by will or force into this as intriguing as technical and weighing universe. Riffs naturally chain to each other, and the musicians let us enjoy their abilities before reconnecting with pure rage, then majestic keyboards walk with us to the end of the song.

Even if you already know Gourmand, you don’t know what to expect. On an extremely technical Death Metal basis, the band spreads dissonance, melodies and raw energy to create an unique and intriguing sound.


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