Review 961 : Empyreal Sorrow – Harm(ony) Within – English

After releasing its first full-length in 2020, Empyreal Sorrow comes back with an EP in late 2021.

Sebastian Moser (bass/vocals), Markus Winter (guitar), Martin Szeike (vocals), Julian Osterried (drums) and Martin Hofbauer (guitar) are ready to proudly wear their Melodic Death Metal’s colors again on Harm(ony) Within.

The EP begins at full speed with Cursed Be The False Promise, a hooking track. Aggressive riffs let place to piercing melody and massive howlings, then choruses come to offer a complementary haunting touch to violence, while melancholy talks on Heartfelt Disease. The song unveils a very soft introduction before the rhythmic only gets strengthened to offer a dark and weighing, but also very heady heaviness. Old School roots are very present on this song, then rage fades away before No Absolution begins. Sharp harmonics are perfectly integrated to this thick and grim basis, allowing vocals the opportunity to explore deep tones and vicious gruntings. The Ep ends with Night Re-Armoured LXEKR-Mix, an Industrial-based remix of the song A Night Without Armor from the first album. The changing of style can turn out to be confusing, but the original song’s spirit remains, just like this very raw aspect.

Empyreal Sorrow does not rest on its laurels. Their first album was very well welcomed by the audience, and there’s no doubt Harm(ony) Within will have the same, as it is made from the same passion and the same rage.


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