Review 996 : Ecryptus – Kyr’am Beskar – English

Ecryptus comes from our galaxy with its new EP.

Created in 2001 in the United States, the band based on the Star Wars universe and now composed of Mike Michalski (guitar/vocals, Moonshield), Allen Keller (bass/vocals, Degradations) and Danny Ryann (drums, The Universe Divide) offers us Kyr’am Beskar in 2022.

The album begins with Cauterized Saber Wound Massacre and its sample from Attack of the Clones, announcing the slaughter to come, which turns out to be a massive and powerful Brutal Death Metal. Blast reigns supreme before more technical elements interfere into this wave of raw strength, then Planetary Enslavement offers piercing and airy tones. Leads guide the track, wearing soaring elements, while Darth Vader’s breath unveils Compulsion to Disintegrate, the next composition. Hooking tones follow then once again the thick but warlike and regular rhythmic topped by cavernous howlings come. The very heavy final drives us to Digested Over a Thousand Years, a quite Old School track which borrows from Heavy Metal for some long instrumental parts. Some screams cross through sharp harmonics, then everything finally drowns into space.

Ecryptus’ universe is as thick as a bantha and as sharp as a lightsaber. With Kyr’am Beskar, the band shows us it is still here, and ready to take up arms to keep their place into the scene.


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