Review 997 : Verbum – Exhortation to the Impure – English

First album for Verbum.

The first marks of the chilean anonymous band can be dated back to 2014, but we have to wait until 2016 and their first EP to discover this melting of Black, Doom and Death Metal. Exhortation to the Impure is released in 2022 at Iron Bonehead Productions.

The album begins with a dark but violent introduction, unveiling the firsts haunting riffs followed by whispers, then Abrahamic Sedition slows the tempo down before conscientiously crushing us. The band’s influences are melted to create a dark and unfathomable mass from which massive howlings, but also an aggressive saturation escape. Some accelerations are expected, then Nihil Privativum builds a weighing and mysterious ambience, which will be joined by as unhealthy as dark vocals. The sound sometimes becomes more powerful with some hooking leads, then fastness quickly falls back to let place to an undescriptible fog of sound, interrupted by a worrying interlude. Silent Oratorium comes next with a morbid howling, followed by mystical and ritualistic effects to walk with this crawling slowness. The final will increase the tempo to offer a weighing blast which falls upon us as a wall of sound, then a second interlude allows infernal voices a moment to talk. Exhortation to the Impure comes to spread an apocalyptic slowness while letting musicians express through blackness, recreating once again the burdening fog they cultivate since the first song, which will also eventually fade away. The band closes its album with some additional riffs for an outro in the same vein, feeding the oppression until the last moment.

Verbum’s slowness allows them to cultivate their blackness. With Exhortation to the Impure, the band spreads a veil of haunting and oppressive darkness which will be cut by some frightening interludes.


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