Review 1023 : Bludgeoned – Summary Execution – English

Be ready for violence with the first Bludgeoned EP.

Created in 2018 in the United states, the band composed of Jonathan Huber (vocals, ex-I Declare War, ex-Pathology), Sean May (guitar, ex-Covidectomy) and Nikhil Talwalkar (drums, Anal Stabwound, Hate Inclination…) unveils us Summary Execution.

The album begins with Ptolomea, a short composition which introduces the band’s impressive sound, between Old School Brutal Death, oppressive dissonance and airy leads, but the massive violence will quickly appear, right before Circadian Servitude crushes us. Drums sound help blast to strike like it is 1990 again while heavy riffs and greasy howlings sink us into those waves of controlled aggressiveness which barely allow us to breathe before the next moshpart, then Fading Into Oblivion comes next with the same uninterrupted violence. Whether some parts are as simple as effective, musicians literally raid us with some hints of powerful technicality, allowing their riffs to lacerate us before exploding. The assault continues with Genocidal Process, a composition which melts mammoth aggressiveness with a worrying dissonance covered by bestial howlings. Moshparts with killer palm-mutes make us want to break our neck, then Pale Horse offers us a taste of the apocalypse to perfectly close this EP. Bloody groove rage until the last moment, topped by those inhuman screams to throw us in the pit and slaughter us.

Whether the Old School sound has nothing to prove anymore, Bludgeoned updates it with its EP. Summary Execution is quite short, but it allows us to be crushed with an incredible violence, creating a wave of infinite-like heaviness and strength.


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