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The year 2022 has begun since a month. Jarne from the mighty Party.San Metal Open Air answered a few questions about the times we live and the festival itself.

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Hello and first of all, thank you very much for your time! After two dead years due to something we all know and hate, how do you feel for the year 2022?
Jarne: Well, thank you. We really appreciate your support. To be honest, we don’t really know how we feel or better how to feel. It’s A mix of everything. It’s definitely the urge to finally get going with the festival after two years of strained intermission. On the other side we have to incorporate the current situation because we are still in the situation of an epidemic situation of national significance with all it´s „obscure“ requirements. We don’t know if our government will re-open the open air/live in door industry. At the moment all is closed. We hope this will change until march or april 2022. In general we are very positive. We have to.

How is it to put a whole year of work to the trash bin due to government restrictions? How did you face the successive announcements inside of the Party.San Metal Open Air team?
Jarne: It feels fucked up to be honest. We are active since 1996 and this never happened to us nor to any other festival though. We tried so hard but our government just shut us down with a blink of an eye. We felt helpless but we got back on track with our boundless ambition to stay alive. The crew was always cool and supported us 100%. We have the best crew in the world.

Naglfar at Party.San Metal Open Air 2019
Photo credits: Party.San Metal Open Air

I unfortunately have personally never been to Party.San Metal Open Air yet, how could you sum the ambience of the festival up?
Jarne: Party.San Metal Open Air is a very familial and independent festival with a focus on Death, Black, Thrash Metal mixed with every other obscure form of Metal music. We have an eye for transparency, fair prices, good food and a reluctance for the mainstream festivals which are just about making money. We are pulling up to 10.000 people per year, that makes us a smaller festival and we wanna keep it this way.

Which bands you announced for 2022 are your personal favorites? Are there some bands you’re really proud to have?
Jarne: Well, I am happy that Alcest, Dismember, Misery Index and Mayhem appear at the festivals line up. I’m very happy about the present line up and I’m sure our audience feels the same way.

Are there some bands you never had yet but definitely need to add to a Party.San Metal Open Air bill in the future?
Jarne: Haha, you really wanna see that list? It’s a long one. I would love to see Judas Priest, King Diamond, Entombed and the likes at our festival. My list is long and that’s why I’m positive that some days we can make our dreams come true.

Last words are yours, thank you again for your time and cheers from France!
Jarne: We are very happy that we had so many French visitors over the years. 20 years ago we knew them by name, in 2019 we have sold about 1000 tickets to France. Cool people and I’m sure they liked this tiny German festival.  I hope those girls´n guys will come back in 2022. Thank you very much for your support.

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