Review 1033 : Krvvla – X – English

Krvvla offers its first album.

After a demo and three EPs, D.B. (guitar), V.Sh. (bass), A.D. (drums) and A.G. (vocals) offer us X in 2022, which will be their first release with vocals since 2015, when they started.

The band begins with XI, a first quite short track which slowly places this haunting and dark ambience which stikes with XII, a dissonant and weighing composition. The track melts raw and unhealthy aggressiveness with visceral howlings, whether they are cavernous or more wild, then XIII immediately comes next with the same fast-paced recipe of an as ambient as ice-cold Black Metal. The song may have offered more quiet and hooking parts, it is still as impressive as sharp as the previous, while XIV unveils a quite groovy and progressive pattern. The band unveils a sinking into blackness with this as straightforward as melodic and soaring rage, while XV continues into those as burning as worrying sonorities. Between raw patterns and those raging riffs, we feel all the violence musicians can spread, and it continues on XVI, a short, weighing and quite progressive track, which drives us to XVII, a shrilling composition with solid riffs. The song clearly melts weighing elements with this raw, seizing and very dissonant universe, which will give birth to this permanent fire before XVIII and its worrying tones which will close the album into blackness.

As for me, you didn’t know Krvvla? You will be surprised. X is short, raw, bloody, worrying and dissonant, which creates a weighing, black and consistent atmosphere we like to undergo and appreciate.


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