Review 1043 : The Last of Lucy – Moksha – English

The Last of Lucy is back after four years.

Created in 2007, the american band composed of Gad Gidon (guitar), Brandon Millan (drums, ex-Arkaik), Josh de la Sol (vocals, Asura), Ricky Fregosi (bass) and Christian Mansfield (guitar) offers us Moksha, its second full-length, at Transcending Obscurity Records

Moksha, the eponymous track, immediately falls upon us with sharp riffs and majestic influences, with which raw howlings create a devastating contrast. The song is really straightforward, and the final break allows us to go to Agni, an as powerful and worked song, which lets guitarists flood us with bloody harmonics. The solid basis makes the band express its madness before Aforethought comes to lull us a moment, then the unleashed rhythmic recovers. Thick riffs abuse us until Ego Death, another very fast track full of complex leads witnessing the group’s extreme mastery. Modern sonorities are heady, but they will slow down before Ritual Of The Abraxas, a composition which also offers soaring parts to Prog influences coupled to a heavy basis, then Parasomnia unveils a Hardcore-oriented basis to welcome groovy riffs. The dark Temple Of Rati strikes back with complex and heady parts, which allows the double kick steamroller to ensure the band’s violent aspect, just like on Ganga’s Cenote and its haunting groove, letting leads pierce through thick rhythmic. The band continues with Covenant and its catchy elements, creating a contrast with the atmosphere, which becomes darker, then The Demiurge comes to close the album with a killer groove and a threatening heaviness, making it the perfect track to tear a pit apart.

Very consistent, this new The Last of Lucy album will please technicality and raw strength enthusiasts. Moshka can perfectly make harmonics rain or crush us with a powerful groove, making it a good weapon to have a good time.


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